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Derek Carr Says God Is Faithful Through Raiders Turmoil; Gruden Attends Chaplain’s Church

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Screen grab from YouTube: @Harvester Sports

On a new episode of the Harvester Sports podcast, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback and outspoken Christian Derek Carr discusses his calling and his victory in Jesus. The QB says he thanks God “no matter what” and has “praised God through the hardest times in my life,” including when his firstborn son needed emergency surgeries in 2013.

This season, in addition to facing off against NFL defenses, Carr is dealing with unexpected upheaval and leadership challenges. Last month, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned in disgrace after offensive emails surfaced. And this week, the team released wide receiver Henry Ruggs III after he was arrested for allegedly killing a woman while driving drunk.

David Carr, a former NFL quarterback himself, says although “life has thrown a lot” at his brother lately, Derek is “up to the challenge” because of “his strong Christian faith and life experiences.”

Derek Carr Strives to Fulfill God’s Call

During this week’s podcast, Derek Carr speaks with his nephew Austin Carr, who credits his uncle with teaching him “from a young age what a true Christian Man should look like.” The 30-year-old quarterback says he believes God is faithful, awesome, and good through all life’s ups and downs, even when circumstances are beyond human understanding.

Carr also emphasizes that he’s playing football because that’s what God has called him to do right now. But he says people don’t need that type of high-profile platform to share the good news of Jesus with others. Carr encourages people who don’t happen to be pro athletes to proclaim the gospel to their own family, friends, school, and teachers.

In fact, Carr says he often has opportunities to preach the gospel off the field, including once at a Chipotle restaurant in San Francisco. The people he interacts with sometimes “aren’t even Raiders fans” or don’t know who he is. “You never know what God is doing,” the quarterback notes.

‘I’m Victorious,’ Declares Raiders QB

Despite the world’s love for sports, Carr is clear that football isn’t “the pinnacle of life.” In fact, he’s seen fellow athletes achieve success and fame yet feel empty and have their lives crumble. And although Carr admits he’d love to win championships for the Raiders organization and fans, he says, “At the end of the day…I’m already winning. Jesus won, so I already won. … I’m an overcomer. I’m victorious. I’ve already won because he won.”

Carr says many people choose to live their own way, or they misinterpret the gospel and who Jesus is. Others say, “I don’t like religion.” His response? “Well, I’m not religious either,” but “I have a faith that Jesus came, died, and rose again.”