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Pence’s Abortion Stat Fits ‘Literal Definition of Systemic Racism,’ Says SBC Seminary Professor

“Just as you don’t have to be a feminist to acknowledge that sexism exists,” said Prior, “or be a postmodernist to understand the power of stories or be an environmentalist in order to put your trash in a can instead of on the side of the road, you don’t have to support critical race theory to see the lingering effects of racial injustice today.” Prior went on to describe the impact of the sexual revolution on American culture as a way of illustrating how systemic racism has had similar, significant effects on society. She noted:

Today, any individual striving to resist the lure of sexual sin has not only his or her own temptations and weaknesses to contend with, but an entire social, cultural and legal system, too.

Now, anyone wishing to avoid partaking in any fruits of the sexual revolution would have to opt out of television, newspaper, magazines, movies, sports, shopping malls and highways that allow billboards — and this list is hardly exhaustive.

Tom Buck, pastor of First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas, commented on Prior’s original tweet, saying, “Many of us have said for several years that the murder of black unborn babies is the clearest example of genuine systemic racism. It fits the literal definition of systemic racism. None of us have said systemic racism doesn’t exist.”

“It does fit the literal definition of systemic racism,” Prior responded, pointing out that she had not mentioned any specific person in her original tweet.

There is little doubt that the concept of systemic racism is a controversial topic among many conservatives and evangelical Christians. The Salvation Army (TSA) recently drew criticism for a guide it published to help people understand racism, in part because the guide sought to make people more aware of its structural consequences. Critics accused TSA of being “woke” and promoting CRT.

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