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‘You Are a New Nazi,’ Says Anti-Vax FL Pastor to Vaccine Supporters

rick wiles
Screen grab from Twitter: @RightWingWatch

A newly identified COVID-19 variant is providing a new target for vaccine opponents, including some conservative faith leaders. Rick Wiles, a Florida pastor who claims coronavirus vaccinations are part of a “global genocide,” recently tweeted, “They created the omicron propaganda campaign and it is meant to justify the enactment of police state laws.”

Wiles, pastor of Flowing Streams Church in Florida and founder of TruNews, also is comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious-disease specialist, to Nazi experimenter Josef Mengele.

Pastor Rick Wiles Equates COVID Shots With Suicide

For months, Pastor Rick Wiles has pushed back against COVID-19 vaccinations, claiming the shots were developed to significantly reduce the world’s population. He tweets references to “the beast” and to conspiracy theories about implanted microchips, saying people who receive COVID-19 shots are “committing suicide.”

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In a video posted by Right Wing Watch, Wiles told listeners last week, “Those of you who are really big supporters of the vaccination program, whether you realize it or not, you are a new Nazi. You are part of a Nazi propaganda operation because this is a global Nazi operation.”

Wiles called Dr. Fauci “America’s Josef Mengele,” saying he and other pro-vaccine health officials are “mad men” being “allowed to run around free and killing people.” The pastor continued, “We have to go to war now to stop these Nazis.” Last month, Wiles urged a “world war against tyrants,” saying a “global revolution” was necessary to “crush” proponents of vaccine mandates.

Wiles himself reportedly survived a bout with COVID last spring. According to church emails, the pastor was hospitalized in May following a congregational outbreak. In an April broadcast, Wiles had said, “I am not going to be vaccinated. I’m going to be one of the survivors. I’m going to survive the genocide.” He urged listeners not to be vaccinated, calling the pandemic “the first global mass murder and it’s being led by Satan’s team on the planet.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci Pushes Back Against ‘Slander’

Nazi comparisons aren’t sitting well with Dr. Fauci or with anti-defamation groups. Last week, after Fox News host Lara Logan said Fauci “represents Josef Mengele,” not science, Fauci criticized the network. He called the remark “unconscionable” and “insulting” to everyone who died in the Holocaust. Fauci added that in addition to “being totally slanderous to me,” Logan cited incorrect death tolls and “had no idea what she was talking about.”