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KY Pastor Prays For, Holds Hand of Woman Trapped Under Tornado Debris

That Sunday, Boyken posted an update expressing gratitude and listing several prayer requests. “We are Mobile. We are receiving so much support right now. 100’s of volunteers are mobilized and 1,000’s are being served,” he said. “Pray for the hurting- there are so many hurting hearts. People that need comfort. Please pray for relief to those who have suffered loss.” Another request was for the area’s leaders. “Our greatest needs are long term,” said Boyken. “Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional. At His House we are developing a plan that will help us heal not just now, but in the weeks and months ahead. Pray for wisdom and strength for us, but also for all of our public servants and leaders.”

On the morning of Monday, Dec. 13, Boyken shared a message and a prayer on Facebook Live, saying he wanted to talk to people in the community who are “brokenhearted.”

“I know a lot of people are hurting,” said the pastor. “I know a lot of people are still in shock. But I just wanted to come on here and give you an encouraging word if I could.” In his message, Boyken emphasized repeatedly that God is near to the brokenhearted. He prayed for those who feel “crushed in spirit” and said he believes that every church in the community cares for those who are suffering. “There are people that love you and are praying for you,” he said, “and if you are struggling today, just reach out to us…we are here for you now…and we’re going to be here for you for the long-term.”