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Bible Survives Christmas Morning Fire That Destroyed Everything Else in Texas Family’s Home

Robert and Darla Voigt
Darla Voigt posing with unburnt family Bible outside the remains of the family's home. (Picture by Amanda Henderson via Twitter.)

Tragedy struck the home of Texas couple Robert and Darla Voigt on Christmas morning when a fire resulted in the total loss of their San Antonio residence. Amid the rubble, the couple expressed gratitude for two reasons: the family made it out of the home uninjured, as did a family Bible. The Voigt family is taking the undamaged Bible as a sign of God’s protection.

“I always thought this will never happen to me. That’s a lie,” Robert told Amanda Henderson, a local reporter, outside the remains of the family’s mobile home. “We lost everything we own. Everything. Clothes, everything.” Included in the loss were Robert’s diabetes and heart medications.

While little could be salvaged from the fire, the Voigt family did celebrate when they found that a family Bible had survived. 

Tweeting the news as it broke on Christmas afternoon, Henderson said, “Take a look at their Bible, virtually untouched by the flames,” above an image of Darla Voigt holding the family Bible.

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“Not one page is burnt in the Bible. Not one page. God was with us last night,” Robert said.

The Voigt couple is also thankful that their son, who is also named Robert, was able to alert them with enough time to evacuate themselves and their 17 year-old daughter. 

“My wife tried coming through here; couldn’t get through because of all the smoke. So, she came back around and I went around to the front of the house and went into my daughter’s room and dragged her out. It’s what a father does. Takes care of his children,” Robert said.

While three of the family’s four dogs initially went missing, Darla’s dog, named Sister, has safely returned to the family. 

“That’s my dog and my heart sank, and just knowing I had her safe again was just overwhelming,” Darla said.

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