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Greg Locke Says Autistic Children Are Demonized: ‘Ain’t No Such Diagnosis in the Bible’

“The word possessed is no where in the Bible,” Locke preached. “It is the Greek word ‘demonized’…I’m not talking about people that are completely possessed. I’m talking about Christians that are attacked by demons—they’re demonized.”

This is important because we have been taught that it’s either one way or the other, Locke said referring to a demon possessing someone. “You’re either possessed or you’re not,” Christians have been taught to believe. “If you’re a Christian you can’t be possessed and so therefore we have the idea that because you’re a Christian you can never be oppressed, bothered, and demonized. But you can be, and some of you are right now.”

Sharing accounts from the New Testament where some were attacked by demons and not fully possessed, Locked screamed, “We fight devils is what the Bible says. So if you wrestle with them that means they have the ability to oppress you in the fight!…Some of you are demonized this morning because you haven’t put on the armor.”

“I’m not saying that every sickness is because of the devil,” Locke clarified, “but I’m telling you there’s a lot of sicknesses caused by devils that we’ve never been delivered from.”

The “spirit of slumber” (Romans 11:8; KJV) causes a lot of Christians to fall asleep while reading the Bible or listening to a pastor preach, because the devil isn’t afraid of you watching Netflix or YouTube all night, but he doesn’t like it when you read the Word of God, Locke told his congregation.

Locke said that preaching this sermon releases people and angers the devil and religious people. He warned the church of the criticism that would come from what he’s preaching, saying, “I can promise you this, from last Wednesday to now to this Wednesday to the continuation of what God is about to open up and do in this church, there will be more criticism of our church from people I have preached for, from people I went to school with, from people I ran with, from people I hung with.”

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Locke then went on to that say people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have a spirit of oppression, saying, “You ain’t got OCD.” The pastor called it supernatural oppression and said those that struggle with it need deliverance.

The congregation applauded loudly after Locke said that people use medical terms instead of biblical terms because it makes us feel better, referring to spiritual oppression.

Locke Says Autism is a Demonic Attack

“Do not jump up right now and rebuke me for what I’m about to say,” Locke warned. “But I read the Bible too much to worry about what you think. Did you know on three occasions kids were brought to Jesus—not of their own will or of their own volition but by their parents—that had epileptic fits. Anger issues. Outburst of emotion. And because we’ve called it possession, parents refuse deal with it.”

“Are you telling me my kid is possessed,” the pastor rhetorically said. “No! I’m telling you your kid could be demonized and attacked, but your doctor calls it autism.”

“I don’t care if you leave or not,” Locke yelled. “I’m telling you there’s deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ for your children and their children’s children.”

Locke, still screaming, said, “Ain’t no such diagnosis in the Bible,” referring to a child with a diagnosis of autism. “Jesus cast out that oppressing spirit and the child was made whole that very hour the Bible said,” Locke said.