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Greg Locke Shares He’s Received Death Threats, Satanic Postcards, and Sex Toys After Exposing Witches

“If telling the truth makes me hated then I’ll be hated,” Locke explained. He then said he was in good company, because “Jesus said they’re going to hate you because they first hated Him. They hated John the Baptist. They hated Jesus” and accused Him of having a devil.

Locke said that some people tell him to preach more like Jesus, saying, “If I preached more like Jesus you wouldn’t watch any of my live videos. Okay! Jesus ran people out of the temple. I’ll take that anointing any day of the week. I’m sick of lukewarm-half-baked Christianity.”

“Love tells the truth! Love tells the truth! Love tells the truth,” the pastor concluded. “I love people enough to be hated by everybody else.”

Locke was ridiculed for preaching that children with autism are demonized in a sermon titled “Desperate for Deliverance” back in January. “Ain’t no such diagnosis in the Bible,” he said.

At the beginning of last month, the church held a massive burning service encouraging people to bring demonic-related material they had in their possession and throw it into a large bonfire.

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And just a few weeks ago, Locke shared his congregation that a devil he was casting out of a woman told him six witches were sent as plants in their church. The devil allegedly gave Locke the first and last names of the witches. The pastor told the congregation that three of them were presently in the room. Locke also said that two of the witches were attending his wife’s Bible study and said that there was a “head witch” leading worship at a megachurch in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since the church started preaching on demonic deliverance, they’ve had to add an additional service.