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Greg Locke’s Mass Burning of ‘Demonic Influences’ Ignited Last Night; Homeland Security Attends

Pastor Greg Locke
Screengrab via YouTube @Pastor Greg Locke

This week, Tennessee’s Global Vision Bible Church‘s pastor, Greg Locke, concluded part three of his Wednesday night sermon series titled “Desperate for Deliverance” with a massive burning event.

Locke announced days earlier that the church would be holding a “burning service” for congregants to bring demonic-related material they had in their possession to burn. The pastor specifically called out anything tied to the Masonic Lodge; “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” materials, including books and movies; Ouija boards; and tarot cards, among other things.

During another one of his sermons in his “Desperate for Deliverance” series, Locke claimed that children with autism were demonized because autism can’t be found in the Bible.

“Stop allowing demonic influences into your home,” Locke said in Sunday’s message, posting a stock image of a burning fire to Facebook to advertise the church’s Wednesday night service. The post was later taken down after the social media giant claimed the image was reported for copyright infringement.

“THIS IS CRAZY!! Don’t tell me people aren’t rattled,” Locke said. “They deleted my post over NONSENSE.”

Prior to Wednesday’s service, Locke posted, “DO NOT MISS CHURCH TONIGHT!! No matter the weather, which will subside, we are having service and WE WILL BE BURNING all of the things we’ve mentioned. Mark it down, many of you are going to be attacked and feel sickly today. The enemy is not happy. PRESS ON!! We cannot and will not be deterred. People from other churches are dropping things off here for us to burn because their church refuses to deal with it. Get here early. Let’s roll.”

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Opening his sermon, Locke shared that the power transformers that provide the church electricity blew early Wednesday morning. That wasn’t a coincidence, the pastor said, “That’s stirring up the devil is what that is. And you better know something: he’s ticked off. I got every witch and every Mason in this town hating this church.”

Locke then accused Southern Baptist Churches in the area of accepting people in their congregation who affiliate or identify with the Freemasons. He also indicated that there won’t be an apology from him to anyone he’s called out for demonic activity, saying, “You can go to one of these Southern Baptist Churches in town that’s full of them and their pastor’s one too.”

Global Vision Church’s pastor doubled down and called out witches who were under their tent meeting that night. Every Wednesday night service, the church partakes in communion, but Locke said the Lord told him not to do it this evening.

“We had all the elements set up [but] not tonight,” the pastor said. “I’ll tell you why. There’s a mixed multitude in this tent—I ain’t breaking bread with witches…In Jesus name, I’ll call the spirit forth that’s inside you and we’ll expose you for who you are, right up here in these cedar chips [the ground floor of the outdoor tent]…I ain’t breaking bread with demons. I ain’t breaking bread with Freemasons. I ain’t breaking bread with occultism.”

“We’re not going to prostitute communion by letting some witch curse us up in this house tonight,” Locke yelled.