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John Cooper, Eric Metaxas, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Darrell Harrison Discuss ‘Engaging a Hostile Culture’ at NRB

These issues are pre-political for the Christian, Stuckey stated. Pastors who can’t preach the least controversial parts of the Bible like Genesis 1, “I have a hard time believing you’re going to be able to preach the gospel which is far more controversial,” Stuckey said referring to Jesus being the one and only way to God.

Stuckey believes that the culture is the one influencing pastors not pastors using God’s Word to influence the culture. Pastors are adhering to culture telling them what is divisive due to their soft stances over the years. Churches are filled with people who have believe they have soft hearts but in reality have hard hearts because they aren’t speaking against what the Bible calls sin happening within the culture.

Cooper stated that the fact that churches followed government mandates to close their churches in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic while the government allowed the killing of innocent babies in clinics to continue enraged him.

Referencing Christian pastors who spoke out against other pastors, like John MacArthur who refused to listen to government mandates, Cooper said, “Because they want to give to Caesar what belongs to God.”

Christians, and many who attend Bible colleges and hear smart professors pontificate on the Word of God, are listening to the whispers of the serpent, said Cooper. “It’s not different than being back in the garden [when the serpent says] is that really what God said? And now it’s, is that really what God meant,” Cooper said as he broke down the heart of deconstructionism.

Metaxas said that many Christians at the time of the Holocaust believed that Bonhoeffer should have stayed silent and probably used Romans 13 for their reasoning. Christians today say that knowing what they know now, they wouldn’t have told Bonhoeffer to be silent. Metaxas told Christians, “You’re doing it now.”

“I fear God more than I feared being cancelled or being called names by my friends—my brothers and sisters in Christ,” Metaxas said regarding why he had to stand up for what he believes the Bible says instead of caring what others think about him. “At the end of the day, I’ve got to deal with God.”

The American church has never had to fight for anything, including the truth, Harrison pointed out. “When you don’t have to fight for the truth of the gospel, you don’t spend time studying the Word,” and fail to sharpen yourself for the sake of the gospel. A lot of people’s Christianity stops and ends with just attending a church service on Sunday, Harrison claimed.

“The way John MacArthur was treated by Christians within the church was absolutely shameful,” Harrison told the audience, who applauded his words. “He was one of the few voices in the evangelical church who was trying to educate the church on why the church is above the state. The church is a divine organization. It is not a temporal, earthly entity. But the way John MacArthur was attacked was absolutely shameful.”

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Explaining Revelation 21, Harrison said that when Jesus describes the sinful behaviors that will warrant people to be cast into the lake of fire, the “cowardly” is the first listed before murders, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and liars.

“My challenge to you this evening is if you profess to be a Christian—you profess to believe in the One who came from heaven into earth and died on a cross,” Harrison asked, “why do you not expect to not get nailed? Your Savior was murdered. Who in the world are you to think that you are to get off any easier than Him?”