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Southern Baptists, CBN Steering Council Members Nominate Tom Ascol and Voddie Baucham for Vital SBC Leadership Roles

Baucham was rumored to receive a nomination for SBC President but told The Christian Post he wasn’t sure he was eligible, since he isn’t a member of a SBC church.

SBC Executive Committee Vice President for Communications Jonathan Howe told ChurchLeaders.com, “As outlined in SBC Constitution Article VIII, officers of the convention must be members of a church in friendly cooperation with the Convention as stated in Article III. Employment status, whether as a missionary or any other vocation, is not germane to one’s eligibility for an elected office.”

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According to Bob Smietana‘s Religion News Services’ report, the Pastors’ Conference elections aren’t subject to the same rules as those for the SBC presidency.

Baucham reportedly shared that if he was nominated for the Pastors’ Conference president, he’d support Ascol, adding, “I would love to see a revival of great biblical preaching in the SBC. The Pastors’ Conference has the potential to play a significant part in that, especially if it is part of a larger movement that brings a man like Tom Ascol into the SBC presidency.”

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Baucham recently spoke at Grace Community Church’s (John MacArthur) Shepherds’ Conference where he was asked why so many are advocating for Critical Race Theory. Baucham answered, “White guilt.”

Ascol Shares His Willingness to be Nominated

Pastor Ascol wrote a statement for Founders Ministries titled “Why I Am Willing to Be Nominated for SBC President” and tweeted, “I am an ordinary pastor of a regular-sized SBC church that I have pastored for 36 years. I love shepherding the flock of God and am amazed that God has called me to this work. I have never aspired to serve as President of the SBC. But God.”

Ascol said the SBC needs a change of direction, because it is in danger of “being derailed by the subtle infiltration of secularism and godless ideologies into our ranks.”

He explained how he tried to stop the SBC from adopting Resolution 9 titled “On Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality” at the annual meeting in 2019 and attempted to offer a resolution at the 2021 annual meeting on “The Incompatibility of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality with the Baptist Faith and Message,” but it was denied. He was then ruled “out of order” by the SBC’s lawyer after he attempted to offer a motion to rescind Resolution 9.