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‘Sinful,’ ‘Shameful’—Voddie Baucham Critiques SBC ‘Awokening,’ Says He Never Left Denomination

voddie baucham
Voddie Baucham preaches a sermon on Jan. 27, 2021, at Community Fellowship Church in Lancaster, Pa. Screen grab from YouTube: @Community Fellowship Church

Voddie Baucham revealed that he is still part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in an interview with the Capstone Report on his appointment to the steering council of the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN). In the interview, Baucham called recent developments within the SBC “sinful,” “shameful,” and “scandalous.” 

“I am saddened by the recent ‘awokening’ among Convention elites,” Baucham told Capstone. “The unwillingness to name, let alone address CRT at the Convention last year was shameful. The refusal to acknowledge and/or address the Ed Litton scandal was sinful, and quite revealing (as was the refusal of the press to pursue the issue). Then to discover that a number of SBC elites were having their sermons written by the Docent group, SBC Seminaries were continuing to harbor professors who promote Cultural Marxism, CRT, and Liberation Theology (among other errors), not to mention the scandalous leftward drift of the ERLC. Things are unraveling in the SBC… AGAIN!”

The “Ed Litton scandal” Baucham mentioned refers to allegations (which surfaced shortly after Litton was elected SBC president) that Litton had plagiarized former SBC president J.D. Greear. Litton said he had permission to use Greear’s work, which Greear confirmed, but Litton admitted he should have cited his source. Notably, Baucham himself has been accused of plagiarism, and his publisher has also explained those allegations as being due to a citation issue. 

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Voddie Baucham is the former pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas, and is currently Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia. The Conservative Baptist Network, whose steering council he has joined, is a grassroots organization that launched in February 2020 to address what its members perceive to be a trend towards liberalism in the SBC. Both Baucham and CBN are vocal opponents of critical race theory (CRT), which has been a divisive topic within the SBC in recent years.