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Pastor ‘Ashamed’ of Senator’s Questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson; Jackie Hill Perry Draws Fire for Retweet

“What mood is that?” asked one user. “It should be devastation about the preborn lives she will justify being taken as the right of the mother.”

“This is extremely wicked for you to support this woman, Jackie,” said user Josh Love. “I implore you to check to make sure you’re actually a believer and examine why you approve of this sin. If not I implore you repent of your sin and trust on Christ for the first time.”

Many defended Perry and said that the criticisms against her are absurd. “Reading your comment section gives me heart palpitations,” said one of her followers. “I already held you in pretty high regard, but now I just honor you. To see how people are ready to cancel you over literally NOTHING AT ALL is exhausting! I cant believe these are the people who say they follow Jesus!”

“I’m so sorry this is happening to you dear sister,” said author Mika Edmonson. “It’s wicked & wrong. The racism & misogyny in some ‘evangelical spaces can be truly horrifying. It takes some serious moral & emotional blindness to deny a black woman the right to celebrate the historic nature of this moment.”

Perry took the time to explain why she posted the tweet, despite saying she should not have to justify it. “I really don’t owe anyone but God and my Spouse an explanation,” she said, “but I’ll offer one anyway. This picture is beautiful. A daughter, proud. Her Mother, accomplished. It made me think of my girls and the smile I hope to give them one day. Take that and do with it as you please.”