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‘Stop Having Kids’ Billboards in Oregon Encourage Humans to Stop Multiplying

stop having kids
Screengrab via Instagram @stop_having_kids

Billboards funded by a grass roots activist group in Portland, Oregon that wants to normalize antinatalism (believing it is morally wrong for people to have children) have been seen popping up around the city. The billboards urge residents to “Stop Having Kids.”

The organization of the same name says on its website that “Stop Having Kids” acknowledges that an unconscionable amount of needless suffering, injustice, and death exist in the world—with birth serving as the catalyst for it all. “As a result, it is a moral imperative that we strive to minimize and prevent (not through coercion, pressure, or force) as many new lives as possible.”

“We advocate focusing our time, energy, and resources that would have otherwise been allocated towards supporting new life into caring for and improving the lives of already existing people and places,” the one year old organization says.

“Stop Having Kids” wants to help people who have had abortions, and those who are thinking of getting one, not to feel shame or disgrace.

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Although God our creator told humans to be “fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28Genesis 1:9Psalm 127:3-5), “Stop Having Kids” believes that all humans do have the right to have children but seeks to make people think twice before doing so. “We seek a world in which people ponder the decision and question if their motives are self-focused and if birthing another human is a sound idea,” the organization says, calling each new human on earth a “gamble with no guarantees.”

The pro-abortion organization believes that the only reason someone would have a child would be out of selfishness and says that procreation is “unethical” and “irrational.”

Signs used at some of their events read, “Let’s stop dumping our problems onto future generations,” “The world doesn’t need you to continue your bloodline, genetics, or family name,” “Women can be whole without becoming a mom,” and “Having a baby won’t fix a failing relationship.”

At one of their recent events, the organization explained that they received way more positive reactions to their message than negative, saying, “In 10 hours of outreach over the last two days in very busy areas the amount of negative reactions we’ve received can’t even be counted on two hands, while the support we’ve received has been overwhelming to say the least.”

While “Stop Having Kids” does promote adoption and foster care, they also stand for “Gender Role Nonconformity,” which is more typically known by others as nonbinarygender-neutral, or genderqueer.