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Sean Feucht Leads a Worship Rally in Front of Disney’s Headquarters; Tells ChurchLeaders ‘It’s Time for the Church To Be Bold’

“This is the year of the parents in 2022,” and taking a stand against Disney gives us an opportunity to rise up and to Hold the Line, Feucht shared.

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Earhardt asked Feucht if he would continue to take his children to Disney. “We have to draw a line in the sand,” he replied, sharing that he and his wife just had this conversation. You won’t see the Feuchts at Disney until they see them “significantly change their ways,” Feucht said. “I can’t get up here an host this thing in one sense and not show it with my own family.”

Feucht thanked the Burbank Police Department for being polite, kind, and allowing them to express their first amendment rights.

ChurchLeaders Reaches Out to Feucht

ChurchLeaders reached out to Feucht, asking how the rally went and why Hold the Line felt it was important to do.

Feucht shared that the rally was a “powerful time,” and that it is “time for the church to be bold.”

We have to take a stand against woke corporations that are “trying to sexualize our children.” We have to stand up for their innocence and purity and defend them, he said.

Referencing Jesus’ words from Matthew 18, Feucht explained that “Jesus said if you cause one of these little ones to stumble it would be better for a millstone to be tied around your neck and to be drowned to the bottom to the depths of the sea.” Feucht described Christ’s words as “pretty savage when it came to this issue around kids and around maintaining purity.”

“There’s an assault right now on kids and the church needs to wake up,” Feucht said. “We’ve got to stand up and stop being pushed into a corner. Stop being silent and really even worse, stop complying.”

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Feucht encouraged Christians to cancel any subscriptions pertaining to Disney. “We need to rise up and cancel our subscriptions. We need stand up and let our voice be heard. Not only at the ballot box, which is a huge thing for those empowering this kind of agenda, but for for these corporations and hit them in the earnings reports where it really hurts,” he said.

Feucht shared that he was blown away by the amount of people that showed up for the rally that was organized in less than 48 hours in Los Angeles during the week when there’s heavy traffic. To Feucht, the large turn is “indicative [of how] America feels right now.” The author of “BOLD: Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear” (scheduled to be released in July) concluded by saying, “Christians should be leading the way.”