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Actors Falling Off Crosses, Spontaneous Baptisms, and a Rabid Dog—Ed Stetzer Asks Church Leaders To Share Their Most Memorable Easter Service Moments

“While praying during and Easter service communion, I unintentionally said, ‘Jesus, we love you to death.’ Very fitting, given the day, but there were chuckles during the prayer from those that caught the slip-up!!”

“One Easter everyone wrote down personal setbacks on postcards and then nailed them to a cross on stage. Very moving. I went last. As I was nailing and speaking I smashed my thumb—Blood everywhere—but it was the same moment I painted over all the cards in red paint. Played it off.”

“The Easter message was built around the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme including a clip from the most recent movie. After that intro, the intent was to say the MI Team always had a 100% success rate. The tongue got tangled and it came out that the MI Team always had a 100% sex rate.”

“Our worship team arrived super early for rehearsal and the college age drummer quipped: ‘Whose idea was it to have Easter take place in the morning anyway?’ The worship pastor replied, ‘Jesus. It was his idea.’”

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“We rented a gym facility for our Easter services in Germany so we could seat 950 and not need 3 services. We had 6 to baptize w/out baptistery. Used what amounted to a HUGE Tupperware container…nearly tipped it over after wheeling on a cart but love baptizing on Easter.”

“A rabid growling dog ran into the building and up to the stage between services while people are praying for each other. I finally got him out…but whew!”

“Our first ever Easter Service at our new church plant in the city convention center, and the only computer we had onsite randomly restarted and went into windows updates (which we hadn’t done in probably years) during the countdown—We had to go old school on the fly.”

“Two years ago the pandemic lockdown was in full force. I was still going to church on Sunday morning to record my sermon but I was literally the only person in the entire building. Weird the entire time, extra weird on Easter Sunday. Then we had severe weather Sunday evening and the threat of tornadoes. I opened the basement fellowship hall for shelter. The church bought pizza, I made a pot of chili, others brought snacks and made coffee. It kind of turned into a pot luck and felt like cheating on the lockdown. It was nice to be in the fellowship hall full of people and hospitality, all things considered.”

“There was the year we put Jesus on the cross followed by the two thieves. The soldiers were a bit exuberant and raised one of the thief’s crosses too fast and flung him off his cross. He jumped out of the crowd and back into his cross.”

“A thief on the cross falling and shouting, “Oh, [4-letter word]!” At least he was the unbelieving thief.”