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Actors Falling Off Crosses, Spontaneous Baptisms, and a Rabid Dog—Ed Stetzer Asks Church Leaders To Share Their Most Memorable Easter Service Moments

“In 1998, at first Easter as a new seminary grad and Lead Pastor. Nothing was going to stop me from preaching and serving communion through intinction to the body of Christ, not even a high temperature and the flu. I was sweating so much I’m surprised I didn’t pass out!”

“I was a new believer, my first Easter, and someone says to me, ‘He is risen.’ To which I replied, ‘Ya, I know. weirdo.’ After the third person did this, I realized that it MIGHT be some kind of ‘religious thing’—So I did it to someone else. The reply ‘okay…’ they were new too.”

“I was a lowly youth director in charge of unlocking the church for the Easter sunrise service. It also happened to be daylight savings. I forgot to spring forward. When I arrived late everyone was standing outside the church and applauded when I got out of my car.”

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“Leading a sunrise service for folks from a former congregation, I had been told that a certain member had passed away. I was more than a little surprised to see her show up at the sunrise service. I believe in resurrection power. But I was somewhat relieved to learn that it was another Betty that had gone on to be with the Lord. I am not exaggerating to say I was thrown way off my game for about 30 seconds when she walked up in the early morning shadows.”

“I will never forget. My girls and I dressed up in new Easter dresses and bonnets. Waco Memorial Park had SUNRISE SERVICES on Easter. They had a pulpit and the people faced the pastor, with the sun not yet up. He began talking about the ladies at the tomb, sun shone on us.”

“Easter morning, packed house. An actor missed their cue, I went ‘psst..psst’ behind the curtain to get their attention. Pastor stops and says, ‘I hear someone pissing behind me.’”

“My son (pastor’s kid) started singing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ during the pastoral prayer. He was 5 or 6.”