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Pastors on Easter Be Like…

It’s that time of year where many churches are “ramping down” from the weekend of Easter. Extra practice for the Cantata is over, the shopping for the Easter dress or tie is but a memory, and all the Easter eggs have been hunted. There is a collective exhale from pastors and church staffs as they enjoy a brief respite until Mother’s Day.

Now that Easter season has come and gone this year, perhaps now you can laugh at the video John Crist put together that takes a humorous and slightly sarcastic view of the chaos that leads up to is Easter services in a lot of churches.

Like a ringmaster at a circus, imagine a pastor barking out a bunch of craziness like…

… Shuttles and golf carts in the parking lot… NOW!

…Has everyone shared our graphically designed Easter invitation on their Instagram? This is for the Kingdom!

…Who is trimming these hedges?? A youth intern??.. for Heaven’s sake!!

…We don’t have ministry time, but we do have a petting zoo outside.

…Connect cards, connect cards, and connect cards!

…Do we have the right mixture of haze in the fog machine?

…We don’t need new members, but do we have the rose petals in the visitor parking spaces?

…We are pro-Jesus and pro-Easter Bunny!

…Donuts? Check! Coffee? Check!

… Gluten free communion, fat free communion, whole thirty communion, vegan communion, paleo communion, non-GMO communion