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‘Our Husbands’ Shoes Are Way Too Big for Us’—Ladies Bible Study Post Goes Viral

Many also question the post’s assumption that men bear a heavier burden in life than women. “Is this why jobs like nursing and day care, some of the most mentally and physically challenging jobs, are mostly done by women?” asked one user. “Not to mention that many women work while also raising their child and doing housework.” 

User Laura Robinson, commenting on a different tweet of the post, said “I am absolutely dying to know how the boots got dirty. Does he work in construction, or is it because he has leisure time to hike and exercise because she’s cooking and taking care of the kids and she couldn’t possibly handle how hard his life is?”

Robinson added, “I remember hearing a lot of this ‘you cannot POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND how hard it is to be a father’ thing when I was a teenager at church and thinking ‘idk my mom’s life looks objectively much more difficult.’”

Facebook user Margie Zumbrun posted her own satirical version of the original post, imagining what men could learn from trying on their wives’ bras. Zumbrun included the hashtags, #FalseAnalogyIsALogicalFallacy, #ShoeSizeHasNothingToDoWithAnything and #SmashThePatriarchy.

Not everyone rejected the original post outright, however. One person responded to Locke, saying, “​​Half agree, half disagree with this. I agree women should encourage their husbands (just as men should encourage their wives) but they shouldn’t try to force themselves into their husbands role (nor a man into his wife’s) because both are unique and different in their challenges.”

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