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‘We Need To Be Fighting a Spiritual War’: Pastor Robert Morris Recommends 13 Political Candidates During Church

Another district that has come under fire for carrying pornographic material is Katy Independent School District in Katy, Texas.

Out of the 13 candidates Pastor Robert Morris listed, the only one ChurchLeaders found who specifically mentioned addressing explicit material in schools as part of her platform was Joni Shaw Smith, who is running for a position at KISD. 

“Sexually-explicit instructional materials have no place in classrooms or school libraries,” said Smith, addressing the topic at length on her site. The issue was in fact the only on Smith mentioned on her platform, and she concludes, “While I have many priorities I want to focus on, if concerns over child safety, and sexualization and politicization of children make me a one-issue candidate, so be it. I will be a one-issue candidate all day long.”

Morris wrapped up his exhortation to Gateway by observing people have fought wars to give Americans the right to vote. He said, “We need to be fighting a spiritual war right now for our children and for our grandchildren.”

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