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Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography

Wilson goes on to say, “This is not because such charges couldn’t be true. They frequently are true. But rather I say this because the common man’s ability to protect himself against framing allegations has not yet caught up with a malevolent person’s ability to accuse.”

ChurchLeaders reached out to Alex Lloyd’s lawyer, Nicolas Vieth; the forensic detective who worked on the case, Lawrence Mowery; and Christ Church for comment. Vieth replied that he is unable to comment at this time due to a lack of information about the allegations. Mowery referred us to the case’s prosecutor. Christ Church responded with the following statement:

​​Alex Lloyd was installed as a deacon of Christ Church in 2018. In our polity, a deacon is someone who serves the church with practical and logistical matters.

This last January, we received word that Alex had been taken in for questioning with regard to these charges. No charges were filed against him at that time. As his pastor, at the request of family, Douglas Wilson went to pick him up at the police station, and because of what had come out regarding a porn habit (as distinct from his guilt or innocence with regard to these particular criminal charges that have now been filed), Douglas Wilson received his resignation as a deacon at that time, and we started the process of removing him from his office as deacon. This was completed by January 18. In addition, in the immediate aftermath of all of this, although we had every reason to believe that Alex had freely confessed everything, he was placed under church discipline as a cautionary measure. We informed our congregation of the situation at our next heads of households meeting on February 7. And because we did not yet know the precise nature of the charges that could be filed, we required that Alex not attend our services without a chaperone. Shortly after these events broke, Alex went to Texas to check into a sexual rehab facility. He has now returned to Moscow and is receiving ongoing outpatient therapy, along with his willing acceptance of pastoral counsel from pastors and elders.

Now that charges have been filed, and this matter is now public, it is appropriate for us to make a public statement. With regard to the criminal charges that were filed, to which Alex has pled “not guilty,” we are content to let the court do its work. Our only charge to Alex in this regard is that he continue to be truthful and forthright.

As a practical matter, we should note that there was a significant factual error in the Daily News article about this. We updated our website immediately upon Alex’s removal as deacon back in January—so we would encourage anyone who needs to follow this story to make sure they only use reliable sources.

With regard to the other surrounding sins by which Alex disqualified himself, humiliated his family, and embarrassed his church, he has sought our forgiveness, and we have extended it. At the same time, there are terrible real world consequences for his family, as well as for him, and we regard this entire tragic episode as one more casualty in the unconscionable pornification of our culture. This is why we intend to continue laboring for public reformation, grounded solely on the gospel of free grace, as offered through Jesus Christ. Sin devours, and sin destroys, but Christ is greater than all.

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