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‘Future Church Co.’ Founder Will Mancini Resigns Due to Infidelity; Seeking Restoration

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Will Mancini, founder and Chief Vision Officer (CVO) of the church consulting agency Future Church Co., has resigned due to infidelity, according to a statement sent to the company’s current clients.

Mancini pastored until 2001 before he began church consulting and coaching full-time. He holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has authored a number of books.

While serving at Clear Creek Community Church in Houston, Texas, Mancini was recruited to “build a vision clarity process for their church clients to go through before providing typical marketing services,” Mancini’s website, which is no longer accessible, had said.

Mancini’s website explained that Mancini followed God’s leading “to set up a ministry that would reach more churches than just those interested in marketing services,” which eventually gave birth to Auxano (meaning “to cause to grow”) in 2004. The company is designed to help local churches grow in their disciple-making effectiveness.

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In August 2020, Mancini left Auxano and launched Future Church Co. alongside Kelly Kannwischer (cofounder and CEO) and Dave Rhodes (cofounder and Chief Training Officer). According to Future Church Co., the company consists of three interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement Jesus started: Youinque, Pivvot, and Denominee.

“The paradigm for church we’ve embraced—that has arisen as a result of the last 40 years of church history in North America—is perfectly designed to produce the limited results we’re getting,” Mancini says on the company’s website. “We can do better.”

The statement sent from Kannwischer and Rhodes shared that “as leaders of Future Church Co., we are grateful to serve the faith-based community in empowering followers of Jesus to maximize their God-given potential and develop God-inspired plans for the future.”

“Today we need to share news that Will Mancini has resigned from the Future Church Co. due to infidelity,” the company’s cofounders went on to say.

Future Church Co. asked their clients to join them in prayer for their former CVO while “he focuses his attention on his marriage and cares for his family as he enters a restoration process” through the guidance of a professional ministry.

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Kannwischer shared with ChurchLeaders that Mancini voluntarily came forward, confessed his infidelity, is showing repentance, and is in the process of seeking reconciliation with his wife.

Future Church Co. also asked for prayer as they “elevate our commitment to serving the church.”

The Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) North American Mission Board (NAMB) has terminated most of their agreements with Mancini’s companies due to his resignation. NAMB had used Future Church Co. and Denominee to help equip SBC pastors, state conventions, and local associations.