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Greg Locke Says Christians Can’t Vote Democrat, Speaks of Insurrection—Overshadowing Generosity to Single Moms on Mother’s Day

Locked told ChurchLeaders that he isn’t trying to lead an insurrection, accusing some of twisting his words by only using soundbites instead of the context of the entire sermon.

“The Bible says they will take it by force. That’s what the Bible says. That’s what the Bible says,” Locked proclaimed in his sermon. “It’s gonna get worse, but all that to say: when it does, don’t you worry one bit, because God’s gonna give you daily bread.” The pastor said not to fret, because when the “communists are starving to death, God’s gonna feed us every single day. So when it all goes to hell, we’re gonna be a house of refuge.”

Locke said that when that time comes, Global Vision Church will help those in need by providing clothing, food, and shelter. He then called the Democratic Party “the biggest slave plantation on the planet,” joking that he was giving the media something to write about. Referencing his recent series on deliverance, Locke said, “Well, you need to be delivered from voting Democrat.”

Dispelling assumptions that he is a full-fledged Republican, Locke said that his loyalty is not to a party, but to the kingdom of God.

“Them bunch of crooked pedophile sex-trafficking Republicans ought to be exposed and done away with as well,” Locke said. “Every last one of them!”

Locke told the congregation, “I’m just saying, I don’t care how expensive things get. I don’t care how bare them shelves get—I’m not gonna freak out. We’ll store up, we’re gonna feed people, [and] we gonna bless people.”

Since the sermon, organizations like the Americans United for Separation of Church and State have urged the IRS to investigate Locke, accusing him of violating the Johnson Amendment, a federal law barring houses of worship from endorsing political parties.

Locke explained to ChurchLeaders that he doesn’t care if the IRS investigates his church or takes away its tax exempt status, saying, “Tax exempt means nothing to me. They can take away our tax exempt status tomorrow, and our giving will probably go up. Our people could care less about writing stuff off on their taxes.”

Global Vision Church’s Generosity on Mother’s Day

Global Vision Church’s generosity was on display at their Mother’s Day service, when they gave every single mother in attendance $1,000 without any questions.

In a video posted on Instagram, Locke and his wife, Taisha, shared that the church had prepared to bless 100 single moms, so they had $100,000 cash on hand. 202 single moms arrived at the church that day.

Locke’s wife looked at her husband after they gave out the entirety of the designated funds and asked what they should do for the remaining single mothers. Locked replied, “We’re gonna trust the Lord. Go over there and sit down and get some checks and start signing them.”

“We literally, in just a few moments—during and after the service—gave away $202,000 to single moms,” Locke said. “It was beautiful.”