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Greg Locke Says Christians Can’t Vote Democrat, Speaks of Insurrection—Overshadowing Generosity to Single Moms on Mother’s Day

Greg Locke
Screengrab via Instagram @pastorlocke

This past Sunday, Global Vision Church pastor Greg Locke made social media headlines after he told his congregation, “You cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat in this nation.”

Locke’s comments overshadowed the generosity Global Vision Church displayed the Sunday before, when they blessed 202 single mothers during their Mother’s Day service.

Preaching from Matthew 6:9-13, Locke’s sermon was titled “The Kingdom Life.” While Locke explained Jesus’ words, “Give us this day our daily bread,” he shared that he believes in wise day-by-day provision—trusting God for your daily bread.

Difficult days are near, Locke said, pointing out that “if you can’t see the writing on the wall, you’re not using even half your brain, and you’re not reading any of your Bible.”

Locke then turned his focus to the government, which he said is going to “bankrupt this economy.”

“A bunch of creeps stole an election that everybody knows they stole, and they’re trying to do as much damage as they possibly can,” Locke said, citing high gas prices and the baby formula shortage. “It’s purposeful.”

Locke said he believes “leftist” government officials are purposely starving babies due to the challenge to abortion rights presented by the SCOTUS draft opinion leak earlier this month. “If they can’t kill your baby in the womb, they’ll starve them to death later on after they’ve been born,” he said.

Similar to Southern Baptist pastor Tom Buck‘s recent suggestion that church discipline might be necessary for church members who vote Democrat, Locke said, “You know, the Bible talks about church discipline, right—by kicking folks out if they cause trouble.”

“I’m to the place right now [that] if you vote Democrat, I don’t even want you around this church. You can get out,” Locke yelled. Taking things a step further than Buck’s comments, Locke continued, “You get out, you demon. You get out, you baby butchering election thief.”

“You get pissed off, if you want to. You cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat in this nation,” Locke said.

Democrats “are God denying demons that butcher babies and hate this nation,” Locke shouted. This Tuesday, Locke joined Sean Feucht and Todd White at the steps of the Supreme Court for a pro-life protest. Foreshadowing his presence there, Locke promised in his sermon to “raise hell for the life of them babies.”

Locke said that he’s sick of people talking about the insurrection, which took place on January 6, 2021 at the nation’s Capitol, saying, “Let me tell you something. You ain’t seen the insurrection yet! You keep on pushing our buttons, you low-down-sorry-compromisers, you God-hating communists. You’ll find out what the insurrection is, because we ain’t playing your garbage. We ain’t playing your mess. My Bible says that the church of the living God is an institution that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”