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SBC Presidential Candidate Bart Barber Shares His Thoughts on Guns

Bart Barber
Screengrab via Twitter.

Over the past three weeks, America has been witness to at least four mass shooting events. 

On May 14, an assailant opened fire near a grocery store in Buffalo, NY, killing 10 and injuring three others in a racially motivated slaying. On May 15, one churchgoer was killed and five others injured at a small congregational lunch in Southern California, another attack motivated by race. 

On May 24, 21 were killed, including 19 elementary school students, when an 18-year-old gunman stormed Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

On June 2, four were killed at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, medical building when a disgruntled patient targeted a doctor whom he blamed for pain resulting from a recent back surgery. That same day, another man shot and killed two people outside a church in Ames, Iowa. Both assailants also fatally shot themselves. 

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In light of this string of shootings, public debate about gun control in America has intensified, with some advocating for stricter regulations. These calls for reform include proposed “red flag” laws, which would limit access to guns for certain individuals if they have been reported to exhibit behaviors that are erratic or that indicate mental instability. 

Others are calling for a wholesale ban on assault rifles, as AR-15-style rifles have featured in the most deadly shooting incidents.

On Friday, Texas pastor and SBC presidential candidate Bart Barber weighed in with his thoughts and experiences when it comes to guns. In a Twitter thread, Barber described his personal cautions and hesitations around firearms, as well as why he owns them. 

As someone who often posts videos to Twitter from his farm with cows in the background, Barber also called for charity and understanding across rural and urban divides when it comes to gun legislation debates. 

“I don’t carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise. I’m about to explain why,” Barber tweeted. “I also own a large number of guns, including an AR-15. I’m about to explain why.”

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In reference to why he doesn’t have a concealed carry permit, Barber said, “It’s because some of the usual motivations don’t motivate me. It’s also because of some experiences I’ve had in life that de-motivate me.”