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Mark Driscoll Advises Singles: ‘It’s Not About How Old or Wise You Are, It’s About How Prepared You Are for Marriage’

“It’s only time and wisdom and obedience that makes progress,” Driscoll said.

The father of five, two of whom are now married, warned singles in his congregation that if you go down the route the world encourages, “you’ll spend your years not preparing for marriage, but damaging and breaking yourself as you head into marriage.”

Driscoll conceded that God can heal what you have broken but shared, “Because I love you…I want the same for you as I want for my kids, and that is the best and the blessed.”

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Driscoll showed a statistic from an Institute for Family Studies report, which stated that “religious Americans are less likely to divorce even as they are more likely to marry younger than 30…religion reduces young adults’ odds of cohabiting prior to marriage, even though it increases their likelihood of marrying at a relatively young age. Yes, very young marriage still has risks (as does very late marriage), but religious upbringings seem to partly compensate for those risks, especially among women marrying in their twenties…religion fosters relationship stability by pushing young adults away from cohabitation, which is highly unstable, and towards marriage, which is much more stable.”

“If you want to have the lowest divorce rates, don’t live or sleep together until you’re married,” Driscoll said.

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Watch Driscoll’s entire sermon below.