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Sadie Robertson Huff on Modesty: Christian Culture Makes It ‘Hard To Talk About’

Sadie Robertson Huff
Screengrab via YouTube @Sadie Robertson

Reality television star, author, and award winning podcaster Sadie Robertson Huff answered questions from fans alongside her husband Christian in the latest episode of the “WHOA That’s Good Podcast.”

The couple encouraged those listening to use wisdom while listening to their answers, saying, “If we say something that doesn’t align with what you agree with, that’s okay, throw it out the window. Go ask a parent about it. Go ask a mentor. Go ask a pastor. [We are just] two people who love each other and love the Lord doing our best to give you advice for the things that you all have questions [about].”

One fan asked, “I feel this pressure to show more skin so people think that I’m pretty or dress cute. There is a pressure from our culture to wear less and show more. I want to know how you balance dressing cute, but staying modest. And also why is modesty so important to talk about in Christian culture?”

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Sadie said that living in a culture that wants you to “wear less” clothing and “show more” skin makes girls feel pressured into dressing in a certain way to get attention. “Because all the guys seem to like the girls that don’t wear anything. You’re like, well, if I’m covered up and they’re never going to notice me and they’re never going to like me…but the right guy and the right people are actually going to treasure you for the purity that you have and treasure you for the modesty that you have.”

Christian, her husband, is more strict than she is on what she wears sometimes “in the sense of just respecting me for who I am,” Sadie shared. “I’m actually so appreciative of that because he’s not wanting me to go show my body to the world, because that’s between us. That’s a respect thing that he has for me and for our marriage. I’m really grateful, because also you don’t want to go out like in some type of way that is attracting people for the wrong reasons.”

Modesty is a respect for yourself and a respect for the people around you, Sadie said.

Sadie gave an example of working out, sharing that she goes to an all-girls gym, so she wears whatever she wants. But when she has to go to a gym where men are present, she is careful about what she wears in order to respect the men who are there.

“I don’t want them to be looking at me a certain way, and I want to respect myself and I don’t really want guys to be looking at me that way,” she said.

“I am secure in who I am, and I’m secure in my husband who loves me as I am,” Sadie said, explaining that this wasn’t always the case. She explained that she used to fear that if she dressed more modestly than other girls that her husband would take notice of them and not her.

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“I don’t feel that way at all anymore,” Sadie said. “I actually feel like my husband loves me and respects me for me being confident and not having to show off my whole body in order for me to feel loved and appreciated.”