Home Christian News Roger Stone Raises Money for ‘God-Fearing Christian’ Alex Jones

Roger Stone Raises Money for ‘God-Fearing Christian’ Alex Jones

January 6 Committee Expected to Subpoena Phone Records

Because Jones’ phone reportedly contains “intimate messages” with Stone, the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol is expected to subpoena them. Last week, the judge in the Sandy Hook case refused to seal the phone’s contents. “I think they’re going [to the committee] either way,” said Travis County District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble.

After the November 2020 presidential election, both Jones and Stone played key roles in “Stop the Steal” rallies. Now Stone is urging Jones to sue his own lawyer, accusing Reynal of leaking the phone contents on purpose.

“Note the first line in the bio of the lawyer representing Alex Jones,” Stone wrote on Telegram, noting that Reynal worked for the Justice Department during the Obama administration. “Now do you think his release of Jones’ text messages was ‘inadvertent’ or a mistake? If I were Jones I would sue this guy for the exact same amount that the jury finds against him,” Stone added.