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Beth Moore’s Tweet About Having ‘A Crush’ on Jesus Causes Another Twitter Meltdown

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Screenshots from Twitter / @BethMooreLPM and YouTube / @ChurchLeaders

A July 29 tweet from author and Bible teacher Beth Moore has caused a belated kerfuffle on Twitter. Some are calling Moore blasphemous and irreverent, while others are defending her and are perplexed that her tweet was even controversial. 

“I’m growing grapes for reals,” said Moore, posting a picture of grapes in her two-week old tweet. “It’s like a miracle. In fifty jillion degree weather. If Jesus is trying to get me to have a crush on him, it’s working.”

Beth Moore’s Tweet Sparks Strong Reactions

Quite a few people reacted to the tweet with disgust, accusing Moore of blasphemy or at least of speaking about God in a way that is irreverent and disrespectful. “This is an abominable statement!” said one user named Elizabeth, whose response got retweeted several times. “Such a disrespect for God in trying to be ‘cool.’ Shameful!”

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Polemic website Protestia tweeted, “A man would never talk about Jesus in this way. This is exclusively how unlearned women and gay men talk about him.” 

Dr. Josh Buice, founder and president of G3 Ministries, retweeted Moore, saying, “In 2016, I wrote an article titled, ‘Why Your Pastor Should Say No More to Beth Moore.’ I later penned an article in 2019 titled, ‘Why the SBC Should Say No More to Beth Moore.’ Both articles resulted in waves of vicious hate mail. I stand by those articles for obvious reasons.” 

“I’m not sure which is worse: The fact that Beth Moore believes Jesus is trying to get her to have a crush on him or the fact that people are defending what she says,” said a user named Anastasia

User emma grace responded, “I’m not sure which is worse: The fact that a woman sharing her adoration for her Lord is being met with such hostility or the fact that people really are angry enough about it to make her trend on twitter. Great witness to the world.” Emma grace also observed, “I think it’s bold to call language like this blasphemous when Christians have been leaning into the romantic implications of the Christ/Church, Groom/Bride relationship for centuries.”

A number of people see the anger over Moore’s tweet as an overreaction. “Seriously? This is what’s causing all the kerfluffle?” asked one. “And evangelicals and conservatives mock others for being ‘triggered?’”

Others have joined emma grace in pointing to scriptural teachings and passages that frame God’s relationship with his people in terms of romance. “Looks like this @BethMooreLPM tweet with grapes and a line about ‘having a crush’ on Jesus is causing a dust up,” said Bob Smietana, national religion writer for Religion News Service. “Which is fascinating given the evangelical emphasis of a personal relationship with Jesus.” He added, “And the language of the church as the Bride of Christ.”