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GOD TV Apologizes to Sean Feucht and Ron DeSantis, Clarifies Mission; Feucht Responds

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After publicly criticizing “Let Us Worship” leader and activist Sean Feucht on Sunday, GOD TV issued an apology on Thursday (August 25).

GOD TV’s post from earlier this week criticized Feucht for sharing an image of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis quoting a scripture. They called the post “exactly the opposite of what Paul is communicating in Ephesians 6.”

“In fact, this could be considered blasphemous,” GOD TV’s post continued. “The passage is specifically saying that our battle is NOT against ‘the left’ or ‘the right’ or anything that could be considered ‘flesh and blood.’ Our battle is against Satan.” (Read the entire message here.)

Feucht didn’t take the criticism lightly, firing back by telling his 67,800 Twitter followers that GOD TV has gone “full woke.” Feucht said that the Jerusalem-based evangelical Christian media network doesn’t “have the guts to be honest about what some crazy politicians want to do to our country.”

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“I’ve seen behind the curtain in the political realm and I believe that was for the purpose of telling the TRUTH about motives, agendas and principalities working,” Feucht stated.

GOD TV Apologizes

After considerable criticism, GOD TV addressed their fans, saying, “Please accept our sincere apology for our post on Sunday Aug 21st which was never intended to be seen as an attack on Sean Feucht or on Governor Ron DeSantis.”

“The intention of our post and the results of the post were certainly not the same, and we sincerely regret any hurt, confusion or offense that this may have caused. We love both Sean Feucht and Governor Ron DeSantis and pray for everyone who is calling America back to God,” GOD TV said.

The media network assured its followers that they haven’t compromised their mission or turned into a “woke left-wing network.” GOD TV said that they “understand very well that there is intense spiritual warfare taking place all across America and the world and recognize the deep political issues that we are fighting against.”

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“More importantly,” they expressed, “we also recognize that revival and godly repentance is the only solution to America’s apostate condition and pray for righteousness to prevail and for unity in the Body of Christ.”