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‘I Love You All So Much’—Rick Warren Delivers Final Sermon As Pastor of Saddleback Church

Warren continued describing goals that included discipling people into spiritual maturity, equipping members for ministry, training church leaders, sending missionaries to every part of the world, and adding a new daughter church during every year of Saddleback’s existence. 

“All of these dreams will be realized,” he said. “Why? Because they’re inspired by God and they’re for his glory.”

But Saddleback will only accomplish these dreams in the power of the Holy Spirit, which will require humility and dependence on God’s grace. “God-willing and by his grace,” said Warren, “I publicly commit to you to giving the next 40 years of my life to reaching and growing the people of this church family.”

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Finally, Saddleback would be a church known for its love and for treating people with compassion, no matter how they have been hurt. “Growing churches love and loving churches grow,” said Warren. Scripture guarantees the success of those who pursue love when it says, “Love never fails.”

Pastoring Saddleback has been an “adventure” and “quite a ride,” said the pastor, who concluded his sermon with a call to the congregation to join Saddleback for the next leg of its journey under the leadership of pastors Andy and Stacie Wood.

“I love you all so much,” Warren told the members. “I know God, and the best is yet to come because this church is destined for greatness.”