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Pastor: ‘Disgusting’ Cartoon Wages Spiritual Warfare Against Kids

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A New York pastor is alerting parents that the controversial new TV cartoon “Little Demon” is targeting their children. During an interview with CBN News’ “Faithwire,” Mike Signorelli, senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City, warns that “kids will be the casualties” of the animated show, which glorifies and normalizes paganism.

As Church Leaders has reported, “Little Demon” features a woman (Aubrey Plaza) who gave birth to the antichrist, now 13, after mating with Satan (Danny DeVito). The series recently debuted on FXX, which is owned by Disney.

‘Little Demon’ Targets Children, Says Pastor Mike Signorelli

Because the cartoon’s main character is in middle school, Signorelli says the show is “highly relatable to kids” who are “making decisions about their identity.” The “disgusting” goal, he says, is to “desensitize us and our kids to the demonic.” Biblically, however, this material is “not normal,” he adds, because “God clearly opposes” it.

“Little Demon” is proof of ongoing spiritual warfare involving “a fight over a generation,” says Signorelli. “As a Christian, I believe that the enemy is after our children.” Although the show’s creators will “tell you it’s an adult show,” the pastor adds, “we all know that children want to watch what they’re not supposed to watch.”

Despite the show’s humorous tone, desensitizing viewers to paganism, violence, and other disturbing images has serious “repercussions,” warns Signorelli. “The Bible says, ‘Satan comes as an angel of light,’ and so he’s not going to come as a complete and total opposite, because we would all discern that…We have to uncover what I believe are the works of the enemy.”

Signorelli points to other disturbing “normalization” of the occult, including books about tarot cards that target kids. Such practices are no longer “fringe,” he notes, and in the process, Christ is getting “lost.”

Media Expert Urges Parents to Instill Christian Values Early

In a separate interview with “Faithwire,” media expert Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide, also addresses the troubling new cartoon. Baehr says the content of “Little Demon” is “not surprising,” because “the whole culture is in the midst of a satanic revolution.”

As a result, says Baehr, parents must be proactive and diligent, teaching children “to have the right values to understand they’re not going to get self-esteem by becoming a satanist.” Because kids are saturated with entertainment options and parents are busy, Baehr says, early training about media choices is key.