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‘This Is the HERO!’—Chick-fil-A Employee Tackles Man Who Allegedly Threatened Woman and Infant

Gordon thanked the sheriff and the OCSO officials and said he would put his award in a “very safe place.”

Other accolades for Mykel Gordon’s bravery are pouring in. “I’m grateful for my amazing team member, Mykel Gordon, who so selflessly jumped in to intervene and help our guests,” Chick-fil-A branch operator Matthew Sexton told CNN. “I couldn’t be prouder of his incredible act of care.”

People have responded to the Fort Walton Beach Chick-fil-A’s Facebook post with praise and gratitude. “We, as a community, are all SO proud of you for showing such bravery, Mykel,” said one user. “Thank you for jumping into action! You have made an everlasting difference today!”

“Truly an amazing young man,” said another. “May God bless you abundantly for your heroic act.” Yet another said, “Mykel woke up and said, ‘I’m going to put on the armor of God before I go to work and serve the Lord’s chicken.’ Well done!”

Others are showing their gratitude by apparently making offers to Gordon. In addition to the offer from the sheriff’s office for Gordon to be a cadet, one company said it wanted to offer him a lifetime of free jiu jitsu. 

Mykel Gordon: Hero in 2018

Such heroism appears to be all in the line of duty for Gordon. According to a 2018 report from the Northwest Florida Daily News, Gordon was working outside at Chick-fil-A when he ran to the aid of two 17-year-old girls after a crane fell on their car. The mother of one of the girls credits Gordon and others who helped with saving the girls’ lives. 

Gordon told the news outlet that even though he dislikes taking orders in the heat, he believes it was God’s providence that allowed him to be outside when the girls needed help. “I think the Lord put me outside,” he said. “As soon as this happened I had prayers in my head. I was helping her. I was on autopilot. My stepdad is a military man and I grew up doing what he was doing. When this happened I knew exactly what to do because of him. I thank God.”

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