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Cam Newton’s Comments on Polygamy in the Bible Draw Pushback From Benjamin Watson, Derwin Gray

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Screenshot from YouTube / @Cam Newton

Dr. Derwin Gray and Benjamin Watson have each taken issue with NFL quarterback Cam Newton’s recent statement implying that the Bible condones polygamous relationships in some cases. Newton made his comments in a frank conversation with Megan Brooks and B. Simone on his Funky Friday interview series. 

“I believe that in our religion, it has got lost in translation,” said Newton in the interview, which premiered Sept. 16 [Editor’s note: This video contains language some may find offensive.]. “People say, ‘Oh, that’s in the Old Testament, this is the New Testament and things like that. There are some high-value men in the Bible that had a lot of favor from God by having multiple wives and multiple concubines. So you can’t sit up here and say you want a man of God and not acknowledge the fact that, oh, in this society it’s socially accepted, but in the Bible—when you talk about David, when you talk about Solomon, the wisest person in all of earth—he had the most wives anybody has ever had, and concubines.”

Cam Newton, B. Simone and Megan Brooks Discuss Relationships

Cam Newton is an NFL quarterback who is currently a free agent, but is best known for playing for the Carolina Panthers. One of his guests was B. Simone, a comedian, actress, and businesswoman who was a cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out for six seasons. Joining her was Megan Brooks, who has been friends with Simone for 20 years and has been her assistant in the entertainment industry. The two women recently launched the podcast, Know for Sure

During the conversation, Newton, Simone and Brooks revealed that they are all pastor’s kids and have experience with the church, although Newton and Brooks were more familiar with the Bible than Simone. The three spent the majority of their time discussing the struggles that people have with modern relationships. 

Simone is currently single, Newton is in a relationship, and Brooks has been married for 12 years. One of the key relationship challenges they all acknowledged was dealing with or even being people who are focused on sex, money and appearances instead of pursuing a committed relationship with depth to it. 

Newton shared that he has met women he could have married, but that he wasn’t mature enough for marriage at the time. Now, he actively seeks accountability for sexual temptation, as well as open communication in his relationships. 

Throughout the interview, all three held up monogamy as a high value, although Newton and Simone both voiced that people should do what makes them happy. Simone and Brooks emphasized the importance of men being honest and communicating what they want out of a relationship. If men want to sleep around, they need to be forthright with women about that. Brooks argued that it is childish for men to say they want marriage and then to cheat. 

During the interview, Newton asked Brooks if it is more common for men to have multiple wives than it is for women to have multiple husbands. 

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