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Adam Greenway Hasn’t Felt the ‘Lord’s Peace’ Regarding IMB Position, Asks for Prayers

Adam Greenway
Photo courtesy of Baptist Press.

Adam Greenway announced his resignation last week (Sept. 23) as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) president in a statement released by the seminary.

The statement shared that Greenway had accepted a role at the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) International Missions Board (IMB), but on Wednesday (Sept. 28) Greenway posted on his Twitter page that he has since decided not to take the position.

“Carla and I are grateful for the many expressions of care and concern that have come our way since our transition from service at @SWBTS was first announced,” Greenway said. “While we initially thought our path would take us to the @IMB_SBC. We have not been able to find the Lord’s peace to move forward in that direction. We covet your prayers for ourselves and for our children as we seek the Lord’s direction regarding His next vocational assignment for us.”

Adam Greenway Not To Join the IMB

IMB President Paul Chitwood directed his tweet, “Be assured of our prayers” toward Greenway’s after the announcement Wednesday morning.

The IMB released a statement after Greenway shared he was not moving forward in the direction of the IMB position saying, “The IMB respects the privacy of potential or active employment conversations, and this situation follows that practice. We are praying for the Greenway family.”

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In SWBTS‘ statement last week Greenway explained, “We will continue to serve Southern Baptists as we have throughout the course of our lives and ministry,” while discussing his new position at the IMB.

“We believe our next assignment is not a departure from but a continuation along the journey God has always had us walk,” Greenway continued. “We are thrilled that we are going to help prepare Southern Baptist missionaries for their work of addressing the world’s greatest problem—spiritual lostness—with God’s solution, which is the gospel of Christ. As we look forward to beginning a new chapter with Southern Baptists’ favorite entity, the International Mission Board, we ask for your prayers for us in this season of transition, and we pledge our continued prayers and support for our beloved ‘crown jewel.’”