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Ouija Board for Christians? ‘The Holy Spirit Board’ Sold on Amazon Advertises as ‘Christian Religious Talking Board’

Screengrab via YouTube @Holy Spirit Games

A video promoting a “Christian” version of a popular occult board game called “The Holy Spirit Board” has begun circulating online, pointing viewers to an actual product available for purchase on Amazon.

In the video, a man dressed as Jesus uses explicit language and sexual innuendo to introduce a spirit board described as designed to talk to the Holy Spirit directly.

The “Holy Spirit Board” uses a planchette, typically a heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic used on Ouiji Boards to spell out messages during a séance. Only, the “Christian” themed board uses a planchette in the shape of a golden “magic cross.”

The board of letters displays artwork of the crucifixion, angels, and a dove.

Holy Spirit Games, the entity behind the board, recently released another video encouraging Christians to purchase the board so that they can hear messages from God.

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“If you call yourself a Christian, listen up,” a Holy Spirit Games spokesperson said. “I’ve been Christian my whole life, and talking to Jesus is really nothing new to me. My faith is what guides me to do the right thing and be a better person, but the problem is the Lord’s messages weren’t always clear.”

Describing his first interaction with the “Holy Spirit Board,” the man said that he immediately felt Jesus inside him when he touched the golden cross planchette.

“[Jesus’] messages are super clear everyday and I can understand it in plain English,” he said, thanking Holy Spirit Games for reigniting his faith.