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Greg Locke Calls Catholic Statues and Rosary Beads Demonic, Announces Halloween Mass Burning Event

Photo via Facebook @Pastor Greg Locke

On Monday (Oct. 17), Global Vision Church pastor Greg Locke announced another burning service, which will take place on the night of Halloween. The controversial pastor listed occult items that people should bring to burn in the fire. The list included Catholic statues and rosary beads.

Locke’s announcement comes less than a week after YouTube removed his sermon titled “Why I Told Halloween To Go To Hell” for violating community guidelines. Locke called the giant media platform’s decision a “joke.”

“This sermon has been up for a year and viewed by a massive amount of people,” Locke said. “And now, just before Halloween, they remove it. Don’t tell me there’s not a Satanic agenda.”

Locke isn’t afraid to speak his mind, on Monday, he warned those following him on Facebook to brace themselves, because his post was going to be controversial.

“The world had a melt down this past February when our church had a public burning of occult related items. I’ve been called Hitler 10,000 times for burning books and such. The news media was unsparing and the witchcraft world hasn’t stopped talking about it for the last 8 months,” Locke wrote.

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Locke then explained that burning demonic items was a practice in the early church. The pastor cited Acts 19, where Luke records, “and a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.” Locke said, “Acts 19 is plain that BURNING is how we deal with cursed items and demonic trinkets and idols.”

“Deliverance ministry has set people free in unbelievable ways and has lifted the scales from so many eyes. We can’t go back and have no desire to do so. We have once again arrived at a place where people need to publicly let the devil know that we follow Christ and will have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,” Locke said.

The burning event will take place on October 31, the night of Halloween, at 7:00 p.m. in Global Vision Church’s parking lot. Locke told people that his church won’t be bullied by what critics have to say, advising people not to waste their time calling the fire department in an attempt to put out the fire for the burning event.

“Let me be clear,” Locke said. “Our church WILL be burning all occult related materials and there’s no backing down no matter who gets called or who shows up. We have a Biblical right and are fully covered by the law of the State of TN. Bring every form of witchcraft, the occult, new age, satanism and sorcery. It ALL NEEDS TO GO!! Cleanse your home from Harry Potter and ‘play’ witchcraft. It’s evil and should not be tolerated. Burn the dream catchers, spell books, healing crystals and Yoga related nonsense.”

Locke specifically called out any material that has to do with the Freemasons, saying, “If you want the curse removed from your home, you need to dispose of ANYTHING THAT IS CONNECTED TO THE EVIL OF THE MASONIC LODGE. I will not argue over such a wicked organization. Even the Masonic Network refuses to publicly debate me because they know I will expose all of their secret and demonic practices.”