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Sacrificed to Satan? Disturbing Report Details Murder of Texas Woman

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Photo courtesy of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Authorities now say a gruesome murder that occurred in East Texas last week may have been part of a “human sacrifice” to Satan. Several sources—including the suspect’s mother—indicate he had been involved in cultic activity.

On November 13, Shelby County sheriff’s officers found the mutilated body of Sarah Hopson, a 36-year-old resident of Joaquin, Texas. Ethan Myers, also of Joaquin, has been charged with murder and evading arrest. Myers, 26, is in jail on $1.25 million bond.

Ethan Myers’ Behavior Had Raised Alarms

Sarah Hopson and Ethan Myers had been staying with Allen Price and Teresa Louviere, who alerted deputies last Sunday that Myers had been acting strangely, ran out of the house with blood on him, and had been missing for a day. According to the arrest affidavit, Price and Louviere said they feared Myers “had done something” to Hopson.

While conducting a welfare check, deputies found Hopson’s dead body rolled up in a carpet in a bedroom of the mobile home. She had suffered blunt force trauma to the head, and her toes, fingers, and ears had been cut off and placed in a plastic bag. Investigators say they also found cleaning supplies, fresh paint, various tools, and a large rock that seemed to match Hopson’s head wounds. Using forensics resources, they located droplets consistent with blood-spatter patterns, plus “wiping marks” that indicate efforts to clean the walls.

Price and Louviere have been charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse. They’re both being held on $250,000 bond. Documents indicate that fresh paint was spotted on Price’s pants.

Suspect Has Been ‘Hearing Voices and Is Satanic,’ Says His Mom

The arrest affidavit also includes information that may shed light on a possible motive. The mother of suspect Ethan Myers told investigators her son “hears voices and is Satanic.” She allegedly said Myers told her that Hopson wanted him to “sacrifice her,” so he did. Price also told authorities that Myers was engaging in cult-like activity, according to the affidavit.

Myers’ mother indicated that she didn’t know Hopson, and the connection between the two individuals isn’t immediately clear. On the evening of November 13, Myers’ mother reportedly told authorities her son was hiding in the woods to avoid returning to jail.

Based on social media comments about the murder, local residents seem more concerned about the effects of drugs than about possible Satanic sacrifices. Authorities have not indicated that drugs were involved in this particular incident. But comments by people who say they live in East Texas cite a problem. “What this dope is doing to our kids is nothing less than satanic and tragic,” one writes, adding, “What others see as a junkie, I see as someone’s son, father, friend. We are all desired by God to be redeemed.”