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Pastor of ‘Power Ranger’ Jason David Frank Posts Message After Star Commits Suicide

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank Super Festivals from Ft. Lauderdale, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Professing Christian and 90’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” star, Jason David Frank, was found dead in his hotel room during the early morning hours of this past weekend (Nov. 19) at the age of 49.

According to reports, Frank was with his estranged wife, Tammie, at a Texas hotel—where they were checked into two separate rooms—and had an argument that had to be de-escalated by the hotel staff. Tammie, who filed for divorce in August, was then locked out of Frank’s room after they reignited their argument moments later.

Tammie alerted authorities around 5:00 a.m. Saturday after she became concerned for her husband. Law enforcement had to be let into Frank’s room by hotel management where they discovered Frank had committed suicide.

Jason David Frank on How He Met God

In 2014, Frank, who had played the Green Power Ranger (Tommy), sat down with CBN News at the Wizard World Comic Con, where Frank shared how his relationship with Jesus Christ started.

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It was after the 2001 death of Frank’s brother Erik, who also played his long-lost sibling during the “Power Rangers Zeo” season, that Frank’s wife invited him to Pastor Keenan Smith’s Crosby Church.

Frank told CBN News that he didn’t “really understand what the whole church thing was about, and then when I lost my brother it was like people were telling me I need God and all that stuff, and I was like, ‘If one more person tells me that, then that is what it is.’”

The mixed martial artist (MMA) and World Karate Union Hall of Fame inductee was immediately drawn to Pastor Smith’s feats of strength demonstrations during the worship services. “Pastor Keenan is breaking things and I was instantly attracted to him. I was like yeah, this guy. We sparred. We wrestled. And he used that to attract people to church.”

“There is never anything more valuable that you will possess on this planet than relationships,” Pastor Smith shared on Facebook yesterday. “We all lost a true friend and a brother my heart breaks, I am profoundly affected, please pray for His family. Let those around you know how much they mean. Jason you were and are greatly loved! #JDF

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Frank started his own MMA Christian-inspired clothing line called ‘Jesus Didn’t Tap‘ with MMA fighter Patrick Hutton.

“We came up with Jesus Didn’t Tap. That means He didn’t quit, He didn’t give up—tap out,” Frank explained.