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‘Gasoline on the Fire’–‘The Chosen’ To Be Translated Into 600 Languages With Help From New Partner

Moreover, Green and Jantz shared that they have the same values as the show’s creators. For example, they believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and that Jesus is the son of God and the only way to salvation. They do not merely see the partnership as a financial opportunity, but are coming on board because they believe in the mission of the show. 

Come and See’s website states:

One of the most impactful ways that Come and See will help ‘The Chosen’ will be to translate and video dub ‘The Chosen’ into 100 languages while subtitling the series into another 500 languages. This will allow 95% of the people worldwide to experience ‘The Chosen’ in their own, heart language. 

Come and See will also help “The Chosen” reach people throughout the world more easily than it could have otherwise and will increase the show’s funding. Jenkins said that donations given through the newly released Chosen app will go toward the cost of producing the show. Come and See is committed to matching all of those donations, and the matched funds will go toward the cost of marketing “The Chosen.” The matching will only continue until production costs have been met, said Jenkins, who shared that they have been able to raise the budget for Season 4.

Jenkins was clear that this new way of raising funds is not a replacement for previous ways the crowdfunded show has raised money. One advantage, however, of partnering with a nonprofit is that the partnership enables “The Chosen” to secure large donations from donors who can now write off those contributions on their taxes. 

“This is God starting to feed the 5,000 and multiplying,” said Jenkins. “You’ve brought your loaves and fish, they’re bringing their loaves and fish, they’re bringing on more people who are going to bring their loaves and fish, but no one person is doing it all.”