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‘The Warfare Has Been Intense. The Victories Amazing’—John Piper Reflects on 54 Years of Marriage

John Piper
Micah Chiang, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday (Dec. 21), pastor John Piper commemorated his 54th wedding anniversary with his wife Noël by sharing a poem titled “A Sonnet for Our 54th Anniversary.”

“Fifty-four years ago today God joined together Noël and me into a lifelong covenant called marriage. We knew then, and we know now, that there are enemies of our joy. I thank God that he gave me a valiant fellow-soldier. The warfare has been intense. The victories amazing,” the 76-year-old Piper posted.

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The couple have five children together, including their adopted daughter Talitha.

Piper grew in popularity among Christians while serving as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for 33-years. He has authored multiple best-selling books.

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Perhaps some of the “warfare” Piper referenced in his post has been public criticism, some of which has come from his own son, Abraham, a popular exvangelical TikTok influencer who boasts 1.7 million followers and uses his platform to excoriate conservative Christians.

Piper’s poem reads, in part:

Our Foes
A Sonnet for Our 54th Anniversary

Four mortal foes we have. The first is sin,

Not others’ but our own. The next is less,
Yet great in power, Satan, not within…

…Futile sabotage, lament!
If God is for us, what will be your fate?
So say with me, Noël, my love, “Away all fear!”
Let us be brave and happy for another year.