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Christine Caine to Passion Attendees: Pursue and Linger in God’s Presence

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During the opening session of Passion 2023 yesterday (January 3), Australian-born speaker, author, and activist Christine Caine told young people to use their “all-access passes” to enter and linger in God’s presence. She also reminded Christians and leaders who’ve become discouraged to remember that God is still covering and protecting them.

Caine, 56, recently received a master’s degree in evangelism and leadership. She’s part of the Passion 2023 lineup in Atlanta; Dallas/Fort Worth is the second location for this year’s conference, themed “For the Fame of Jesus.” Although sessions are sold out, viewers can register and watch online.

Since its 1997 founding by Louie and Shelley Giglio, the Passion Conference has assembled 18- to 25-year-olds to worship and live for Jesus.

Christine Caine: God Is Faithful and Will Prevail

Christine Caine based her 50-minute talk on Exodus 33, just after the children of Israel had made a golden calf. At that point, she says, God’s people were “very traumatized”—not unlike us today. Because they forgot about God’s deliverance and felt abandoned, they did “really dumb stuff,” she notes. But despite their—and our—unfaithfulness, God remains faithful. “God cannot be unfaithful to his promises and to his purposes in your life,” Caine says, adding, “It’s God’s purpose that will prevail, not our plans.”

Pointing to her own challenges, including childhood poverty and years of sexual abuse, Caine assures listeners that the enemy can’t quench God’s purpose for their life. Rather, focusing on God and surrendering to him will lead to the “greatest harvest,” which she says God will usher in through this generation.

Caine warns listeners not to pursue anything “at the expense of God’s absence,” because there’s no point of getting anything unless God’s in it. He is what we ultimately desire, she says, noting, “I’d rather be in the wilderness with God than in the promised land without him!”

Jesus’ Followers Have Unlimited Access to Him

Moving to verses 7 through 11, Christine Caine describes the tent of meeting, where anyone could consult with the Lord. Although going there required “great intentionality” amid life’s distractions, the payoff was enormous.

In the tent, Moses could speak to God like “a friend,” yet the rest of the people just watched from afar. Although they were reverent and bowed, they didn’t boldly enter God’s presence. Citing Hebrews 10, Caine points out, “We don’t have to make sacrifices or clean ourselves up” first, thanks to Jesus, our great high priest.

Pointing to the all-access pass hanging from her lanyard, she says, “Imagine if I had this pass and yet didn’t ever use it.” If you’re in Christ, you too have an all-access pass, she says.