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‘I Had a Dream About God’—Dolly Parton Releases New Song on Her Birthday

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Dolly Parton released a new song last week that she says is based on a dream she had about God. The country music legend dropped the single on Jan. 19, which was her birthday, saying she wanted to give and not receive on her special day.

“Well, today is my birthday,” says Parton at the beginning of a video on her Instagram page. After singing “Happy Birthday” to herself and pointing out her birthday flowers, Parton, who turned 77, says the new song “kind of came to me in a dream, and I felt like it’s worth putting out there, something special—well, it’s special to me.”


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Dolly Parton’s Dream 

Dolly Parton’s new song is called, “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There.” In her brief video, she explains, “I had a dream about God standing on a mountain looking down at us, saying, ‘Don’t make me have to come down there.’ And then, it woke me up.” So Parton got up and began writing a song about her dream, a process that took her “a period of weeks and months.”

“And just felt like I should drop it on my birthday,” she concludes, “so I hope you enjoy it.” 

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The lyrics to Parton’s song portray God admonishing his children to obey him or to face the consequences. He is looking down from a mountain “in such dismay” and says, “Don’t make me have to come down there / My children, you had best beware / If you don’t pay attention, consequences will be dire.” The lyrics continue:

I’ve told you time and time again
You can’t disobey and hope to win
I am still the boss here in case there’s any doubt
You know I put you in this world and I can take you out

Don’t make me have to come down there
You’ve always been my cross to bear
I’ve let you try my patience as all good Fathers do
You’re on my last nerve, I have had it up to here with you

I gave you a book, you didn’t read it
I gave you my Word, you didn’t heed it
Gave you a map, you said you didn’t need it
And now you’ve lost direction and you’re wandering aimlessly

In the song, God’s children respond poorly to major world events, such as war, natural disasters, and pandemics. “Turn a deaf ear, a blind eye,” God says. “I am wondering whether I should take my Bible belt and whip you into shape.”