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Assemblies of God Mobilizing Thousands of Volunteers To Serve and Evangelize Across the US Through ‘Seek and Save’ Initiative

Assemblies of God Seek and Save
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Seek and Save,” an initiative of the Assemblies of God, is striving to make an impact across the nation through “a series of collaborative outreach events to bring hope to communities in America.” 

In 2023, the denomination will hold events in major cities throughout the nation, including Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Tampa, and others, and is set to mobilize volunteers over the course of several days in each to engage in community service projects, outreach events, and personal evangelism. 

Wilfredo De Jesús, founding pastor of New Life Covenant Church in Chicago, recently addressed the United States Conference of Mayors on behalf of the Assemblies of God General Council to share the denomination’s vision for the initiative. 

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De Jesús said that the Assemblies of God wants “to offer our services to each and every one of your cities with our initiative.”

“We are heading toward Detroit. We’re heading toward St. Louis. We’re heading towards Newark, New Jersey, Memphis, Tennessee, LA,” De Jesús went on to say. “These are some of the cities that are already earmarked to mobilize thousands of volunteers, coming to your cities to paint your schools for free; do landscaping for free; just to partner with our cities.”

“So, on behalf of the General Council, on behalf of our General Superintendent, we want to offer ourselves to you all—to partner with you,” De Jesús expressed. 

In an Instagram post, De Jesús explained why the initiative is important, writing, “The church of Jesus Christ should engage culture. We believe that the church is the greatest asset to our communities. We believe that America has a heart problem. If we deal with the heart, the hand and the head will follow.”

After speaking at the Assemblies of God Leadership Conference in Branson, MO, Outreach Magazine editor-in-chief Ed Stetzer explained, “I learned about this just a few days ago, and I love the fact that the Assemblies of God is boldly focusing on cities, but also that they are telling their story in front of the conference of mayors.”

A promotional video for the initiative indicated that the efforts of “Seek and Save” in Yuma, Arizona, and Chicago have already resulted in a cumulative 21 baptisms, the involvement of 68 churches, ministries, and organizations, and 223 people placing their faith in Jesus. 

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“When there’s a scared world, it needs a fearless church. And that’s what we’re doing through ‘Seek and Save,’” De Jesús said of the event in Chicago. “Praise God for all the volunteers that have responded. And I think we’re going to see a great harvest—a great harvest, because there have been thousands of seeds that we have planted.”