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‘Your Story Is Not Done Yet’—Breakout Christian Singer Katy Nichole Speaks Words of Hope to Fans at Florida Festival

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Photo credit: Hannah Burton

One year ago, Christian singer-songwriter Katy Nichole got her big break after going viral on TikTok. Now the 22-year-old Billboard record-breaker is using her platform to share her story—and her faith—with others.

Nichole did just that last weekend at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, where she performed at the 25th annual Rock the Universe Christian music festival. The two-night event also featured Matthew West, Tauren Wells, Zach Williams, and Skillet.

Katy Nichole on the Faithfulness of Jesus

As ChurchLeaders has reported, during adolescence Katy Nichole faced a lengthy, painful ordeal with scoliosis. Spinal surgery at age 15 left her bedridden and depressed, to the point she considered suicide. “I felt like nobody understood my pain, and there were moments where I questioned if I wanted to be on earth anymore,” she said last year. “But every time I wanted to give up, God didn’t let me.”

Another operation three years later resulted in a straight spine plus a lifting of what Nichole called “the smoke cloud of depression.” For the aspiring musician, that was proof that God works miracles. “There’s no story that doesn’t matter to God,” she said. “God’s healed me, so I know he can heal someone else, and I’m just going to share my story and hope it will encourage others to share theirs.”

At last weekend’s music festival, Nichole shared that message of hope and healing with fans. “You don’t see hope, you want to give up, and you’re just waiting on those words,” she told attendees. “And sometimes the Lord speaks through others to bring you those words. I will bring in those words to hold on because your story is not done yet.”

Nichole also referenced the scars and pain she has endured. “I don’t just sing the songs to sing the songs,” she said. “I sing the songs because that was how I got through my pain, was by writing songs and talking to Jesus.”

Katy Nichole’s First Album Drops Feb. 24

Nichole’s breakout song, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” shot to the top of music charts early last year, after K-Love played the chorus. Nichole is signed with Centricity Music, also home to Lauren Daigle.

“It’s a wild thing to see where this song started and where it is now,” says Nichole. “I’m so thankful for what God is doing. I am in awe of him, truly.”

On February 24, Nichole’s first full-length album drops. Titled “Jesus Changed My Life,” it features 11 songs, starting with “In Jesus Name (God of Possible).” That song “is one of the greatest gifts God could ever give me,” Nichole told CCM Magazine last year. As for her musical career, she adds, “I want to be a good, faithful servant to the Lord. I’m just grateful to be his vessel.”