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Author-Influencer Dave Hollis, Ex-Husband of Rachel Hollis, Dead at 47

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Author and social media influencer Dave Hollis died “peacefully” at his Texas home Feb. 11, three days before his 48th birthday. Hollis, a former Disney executive, was the ex-husband of fellow author and influencer Rachel Hollis. Although family members said Dave had recently been hospitalized “for some heart issues,” an official cause of death has not been released.

Rachel Hollis, author of quasi-Christian self-help books, posted on Instagram today (Feb. 14): “I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them. Please wrap the kids in prayers as we try and navigate through the unthinkable.” The couple have four children.

Dave Hollis: Corporate Exec Turned Lifestyle Guru

During his 18-year career at Walt Disney, Dave Hollis worked his way up to president of worldwide theatrical distribution. In 2018 he made news for quitting to join his wife’s video company, later rebranded as The Hollis Co.

Rachel Hollis, who first gained a following after posting mom-body bikini photos, shot to fame with her New York Times bestseller “Girl, Wash Your Face,” published by Thomas Nelson in 2018. After the pair launched the “Rise Together” podcast, they began hosting counseling events for couples, charging up to $1,800 for admission.

A June 2020 divorce announcement from the Hollises shocked their fans. Afterward, Dave began a relationship with fitness influencer Heidi Powell. The first time he met Powell was while discussing their respective divorces on air.

In fall 2021, Dave Hollis apologized after an Instagram Live rant at fans (for not buying his $18 book he called life-changing) and then at his 4-year-old daughter Noah (for requesting breakfast during his taping). Soon afterward, he took a three-month break from social media.

Dave Hollis wrote two self-help books: “Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic’s Guide to Growth and Fulfillment” and “Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life.” Last November, he released the Thomas Nelson children’s title “Here’s to Your Dreams: A Teatime With Noah Book.”

Last fall, Hollis wrote that the new kids series was inspired by the need to teach children early on about the importance of believing in yourself. “What if you could have the capital-t Truths around self-worth so fundamentally set as a child that we didn’t believe the lies we’re sold?” he asked. And what if we “didn’t need some self-help as adults book because we’ve just believed in ourselves and our dreams for so dang long that the alternative seems crazy?”

Dave Hollis Remembered as Good, Loving and Inspiring

On Instagram, motivational author Brendon Burchard posted a tribute to Dave Hollis, calling him “a good man, a loving father, an inspiring teacher, and a dear friend.”