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‘God Sent Her to Me’—Christian UPS Driver Says Lost Woman He Helped Also Helped Him

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Photo courtesy of Frederick Stephens

UPS driver Frederick Stephens was in the middle of a busy day of deliveries in Little Rock, Arkansas, when a lost, elderly woman approached him for help. Stephens took time out of his stressful day to help her, but says that God also sent her to help him. 

“I did what I did because it was the right thing to do,” Stephens told ChurchLeaders. “She actually [helped] me that day. God sent her to me to uplift me when she told me I was a good man because I needed to hear that. So God planned that for me.”

UPS Driver Helps Lost Woman Get Home

On Jan. 4, UPS driver Frederick Stephens was running behind on his deliveries. At one point, he was taking a break when an elderly woman approached him and asked for help, saying she had a sense that he was “a good man.”

The woman, whose name is Elizabeth Roseborough, said she was lost and handed Stephens her driver’s license, asking, ‘How far am I away from this place right here?'” 

“I just couldn’t leave her there,” Stephens told ABC affiliate THV11. “Especially when she gave me all her information, she gave me the address, she told me how she had just left the bank, so I knew she had money…if there was someone else, they woulda taken advantage of that.”

Stephens did not let the stress of his day stop him from helping Roseborough in her time of need. He placed calls to 911, his niece at the police department, and Roseborough’s church, which Facebook comments indicate is Fellowship Christian Church, pastored by Kevin A. Kelley. Stephens also alerted people on Facebook, saying, “If anyone knows this lady, call me or inbox me asap. She’s lost and can’t find her way home. I already called 911.” 

Later that day, Stephens posted the update: “She’s safe and on her way home.”

Stephens then went the extra mile by visiting Roseborough at her church later to make sure she was ok, although he told ChurchLeaders she was not there that day.

He told THV11 that he believes his job as a UPS driver has a purpose. “You weren’t put in this world just for you, you were put in this world for other people. Even though it may not seem like you’re getting your reward, you will get it. I mean, one way or the other, it may not be from the person that you help, but you will get it.”

Stephens told ChurchLeaders that he is a person of faith and a churchgoer. In a 2016 Facebook video, Stephens says, “God put things in your life to build you to the person that you are now.” But often when we find ourselves in difficult situations, we say that God’s “favor ain’t fair.”