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‘Christian Chris Stapleton’ Wows ‘American Idol’ Judges With Rendition of Zach Williams’ ‘To the Table’

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Screenshot from YouTube / @American Idol

Worship leader Warren Peay wowed the “American Idol” judges this week with his performance of Christian artist Zach Williams’ song, “To the Table.” Peay, whom Perry called “a Christian Chris Stapleton,” earned a ticket to Hollywood with all three judges saying yes.

“What an incredible experience!” Peay said on Instagram. “Tonight I performed for the Idol judges and got the golden ticket to Hollywood! Praise God for this amazing opportunity, and a huge shoutout and thank you to everyone who has supported me in starting this journey. Be Blessed!”


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“It’s exciting to be here, truly,” Warren Peay said as stood before the judges to audition for them. Peay is a 24-year-old appliance repair technician from Bamberg, South Carolina, and leads worship at Colston Branch Baptist Church. When he told the judges his occupation, Luke Bryan said, “Maytag man!”

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“I am a Maytag man,” Peay agreed, laughing. “I thought those didn’t exist,” said Bryan.

“I thought you were Chris Stapleton’s brother,” Katy Perry said, comparing Peay to the country singer-songwriter.  “I’ve been gettin’ a lot of that,” said Peay. 

As Peay performed, “To the Table,” accompanying himself on guitar, the shot cut to him performing the song with others on stage at a church, presumably Colston Branch, and then cut back to his audition. He sang the first two verses and the chorus of Williams’ song:

Hear the voice of love that’s calling
And there’s a chair that waits for you
And a friend who understands
Everything you’re going through

But you keep standing at a distance
In the shadow of your shame
There’s a light of hope that’s shining
Won’t you come and take your place?

And bring it all to the table
There’s nothing He ain’t seen before
For all your sin, all your sorrow and your sadness
There’s a Savior and He calls
Bring it all to the table

As Peay played, Bryan turned to the other judges and said, “His voice cuts through.” Lionel Richie replied, “Like an FM radio.” The judges were visibly impressed as Peay belted out the chorus, and all three gave him a standing ovation when he finished performing.