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Miami Basketball Players Drop to Knees in Prayer Following Victory Advancing Them to Final Four

Miami Hurricanes
Screengrabs via Twitter @AthletesCorner_

As the University of Miami Hurricanes overtook the Texas Longhorns on Sunday (March 26) to advance to the Final Four, the team knelt to express gratitude through prayer. 

Beating the Longhorns by a score of 88-81, the Hurricanes will be making the first Final Four appearance in the school’s history. The victory is significant, especially given that the team lost in this same round of the NCAA March Madness tournament last year.

Immediately after recording the victory, a number of the Hurricanes players gathered in a circle and dropped to their knees to pray. The prayer of gratitude was led by Nicaraguan-born third-year sophomore Norchad Omier.

“Thank you for bringing us here,” Omier prayed. Following Omier’s prayer, the team stood and cheered to celebrate their victory. 

Omier, who is an Arkansas State transfer, contributed 11 points and nine rebounds in the game. 

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A video clip of the prayer was posted to Twitter, with the team receiving praise online for their expression of faith. 

“It was a beautiful moment. What I noticed was how quickly they all knew to drop to their knees in prayer,” one person wrote. “I wonder which player is the spiritual leader of these young men? What a great witness and leadership from college athletes!”

Another said, “Noticed this and loved it!!”

Others pointed out how quickly CBS diverted camera coverage away from the prayer huddle, including former NFL star and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson. 

“I saw that! And they moved that network camera shot with the quickness,” Watson remarked. Others commented that they had noticed it too. 

The Hurricanes will face off against the University of Connecticut Huskies on April 1. Notably, UConn is the only team among those remaining in the tournament that has been to the Final Four in the past. 

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The other two teams that will face off on April 1 are Final Four newcomers Florida Atlantic Owls and San Diego State Aztecs.