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‘You Are Worthy of God’s Calling’ — Advocacy Group Pens Letter to SBC Women Under Fire for Serving as Pastors

“For centuries people have told women they are not as valuable to God’s work in the world as men are. Even today, men are taking actions against women who are ministering, leading, and pastoring to spread the love and grace of Jesus Christ,” the letter reads. “They are wrong.”

The letter goes on to express the belief that hierarchy among men and women is a result of sin, rather than God’s good design, adding, “We invite you to join us in reclaiming the knowledge that God’s design included you being made in the divine image.”

The letter then lists women throughout Scripture who were notable leaders, and argues that “Jesus did not place any limits on women’s roles.”

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“You are worthy of God’s calling,” the letter says. “You are valued by God equally to the way God values men…There is far too much work to be done in this world for us to limit how people can participate in sharing God’s redemption and wholeness with others.”

“The perpetuation of male authoritarianism has led to far too much abuse, pain, hurt, and sorrow for women,” the letter argues. “We invite you to find freedom from this pain in Jesus Christ, and to reclaim God’s design of men and women both being created in the image of the limitless God.”

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At the time of this article, the letter has garnered over a thousand signatures.