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TobyMac Stopped Reading the Bible After His Son Died. This Is Why He Started Again

Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

TobyMac (Toby McKeehan) wrapped up his 32-city Hits Deep Tour with Crowder, Cochren & Co, Tasha Layton, Jon Reddick, and Terrian on March 31.

ChurchLeaders attended the tour’s stop in Dayton, Ohio, where McKeehan shared multiple heartfelt moments with the audience.

One of those moments came when McKeehan spoke openly about the passing of his 21-year-old son, Truett, who tragically died on Oct. 23, 2019. Processing grief brought on by tragedy was a major theme in the lyrics of McKeehan’s latest album, “Life After Death,” which released last year.

The Grammy Award-winning artist shared that after his son’s death, he stopped reading his Bible for a couple of weeks.

“I didn’t have the heart,” McKeehan said.

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McKeehan went on to say that after those couple weeks, he looked up to God and told him, “I’m going to give you a chance.”

“Imagine telling the God of all creation, ‘I’m gonna give you a chance,’” McKeehan remarked, going on to share what he learned about his relationship with God during that time.

“See, to have a relationship with anyone, you gotta be talking to them, and they gotta be talking to you. You gotta be listening to them, and they gotta be listening to you,” McKeehan said. “The way God talks us is through his Word. And the way we talk to him is through prayer. So the way I see it, if I ain’t talking to God, he’s not talking to me. Do I really have a relationship with him at all?”

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McKeehan invited those in attendance to begin a relationship with God. He also encouraged those who already had a relationship with God, but had stopped talking to him, to let God speak to them by reading the Bible.

“There’s some beautiful things that come with having a relationship with God. One of those things I’ve been hanging on to with everything in me for the past three years,” McKeehan shared. “And that is this: God promises that if you’ve have a relationship with him, he will never leave you or forsake you.”